Who and what is the ABATE of Ohio Foundation?
Well, that’s a bit of a story, so let’s get started:
    Quite a few years back, a handful of members of the ABATE of Ohio, Inc. Executive Board questioned the tax status of the existing Organization, i.e. why the tax status was this way, why weren’t donations tax-deductible, and how could it be changed to take advantage of tax-deductible donations? A committee was formed and tasked with investigating the possibilities of reorganizing the entire Organization or, in fact, to form a new Organization. After much time and effort, it was decided that rather than change the existing Organization and lose the ability to influence legislation favorable to the motorcycling community it would be far more advantageous to form a totally separate Organization. Thus from this effort was born the ABATE of Ohio Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to motorcycle safety, education, and awareness. That was almost ten years ago. (That's really hard to believe, Ten Years!)
First Board Meeting - Robin, Bushman, Ed, "Fat" Pat

    So with all that time what have we done? That’s a good question! In this day and age it’s very hard for a young fledgling non-profit to raise funds in order to accomplish its goals. It took the Officers of the Foundation a great deal of work to come up with a strategy that has worked to make us grow. The first step was to take over the production of the “Look Twice, Save a Life” (LTSAL) yard signs. Using the tax-exempt status of the Foundation we have managed to keep production costs of this reasonable and over time we have sold almost 3,000 in Ohio and surrounding states. The LTSAL program has been very successful and will continue to be an integral part of the Foundation’s core mission. Over time we have incorporated the LTSAL logo into bumper stickers, silicone wrist bands, pens, challenge coins, billboards, and hopefully this season apparel. Keep an eye out for LTSAL stuff!

    Is that all we have done?     By no means, friends, read on.......

    Fatal Vision Goggles: With a grant from Gieco Insurance the Foundation was able to purchase six pairs of goggles that simulate differing stages of alcohol consumption along with the effects it has on the riders’ coordination. The goggles have been used at many events to give quick and positive demonstrations of the dangers of riding while intoxicated. During the demonstration we also supply blood alcohol content cards (BAC) to participants that provide a quick reference of BAC to body weight and amount of alcohol consumed.

    Three R’s Program: In conjunction with the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) we have a no nonsense presentation about riding responsibly. This presentation can be done with small groups and clubs to help reinforce not only taking care of yourself but your riding buddy as well while at events and outings to help make rational decisions about alcohol/drug consumption.

    Student Driver Education Program: Certified motorcyclist presenters do a presentation of the Ohio Drivers Education Program from the motorcyclist’s perspective. Topics include sharing the road, ‘Look Twice, Save a Life’, as well as the possible outcome of alcohol/drug consumption to teen drivers. This is presented at a level the teens can understand and relate. For participating we reward the students with LTSAL wrist bands or a “txtg klls” (texting kills) thumb band.

    AMA Decibel Meter: Last year the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) awarded the Foundation the grant of a calibrated sound level meter. Watch for demonstrations of this device at events. It is being used by the AMA to compile data about motorcycle sound emissions. The issue of “how loud is too loud” has been an ongoing issue for many years. Sound emissions, noise pollution, etc. is an issue that may eventually affect the life style that we all enjoy.

    Scholarships and Seminars: The Foundation has sponsored scholarships to state and national seminars, giving recipients exposure to motorcycle safety and educational opportunities. Over the last five years over $6,000.00 has been awarded.

    The ABATE Foundation Motorcycle Raffle: We are now in our 6th season of this popular event. The Foundation has purchased a brand new motorcycle and presentation trailer to be raffled each of the 6 years. The annual unveiling is generally early spring, with tickets sold throughout Ohio at various events until the end of August, when a lucky winner receives the motorcycle and trailer.

   All good stuff!

    So who is the Foundation?
    Six dedicated motorcyclists determined to make motorcycling safe, acceptable and most importantly enjoyable. Along the way, if someone learns something new about safety, riding impaired, etc., our mission is successful. The Foundation Board meets three times annually, with most correspondence via e-mail. All of the Foundation Officers must have been ABATE of Ohio, Inc. or a State Motorcycle Rights Organization (SMRO) member in good standing for a least five years, and must have served at least one year as an ABATE/SMRO State Officer. These qualifications assure the Foundation of dedicated and qualified individuals that will ensure the success of the Foundations ongoing mission.

    What are the goals of the Foundation?
    We aim to continue to promote the cause of motorcycle safety, education and awareness. It is the Foundations intent to continue to present to motorists and motorcyclists throughout Ohio with quality information to help make roadways safer for all of us.
    In the near future, the secondary goal of the Foundation is the purchase of property. Property somewhere in Central Ohio that could possibly house and host motorcycle events, and motorcycle related services. Someplace that could help to combine the needs and vision of motorcyclists throughout Ohio.

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